William Pearman

William has now officially graduated!

William Pearman in a rare fieldwork outing

During his PhD research, William was based in The Marine Sciences Department, and was jointly supervised my Associate Prof. Ceridwen Fraser (Marine Science), Dr. Sergio Morales (Microbiology and Immunology), and Prof. Gemmell (Anatomy). Before joining the University of Otago, William was based at Massey University, Albany where he examined population genomics and mitochondrial genomics of an extremely polymorphic marine isopod for his masters of science thesis. 

Durvillaea antarctica. 19841004. Red Rocks.

William’s PhD research focused on examining how the environment and host genetics interact to shape the microbiome of the large macroalgae Durvillaea antarctica, aiming to understand genotype-environment interactions that influence both the microbiome and environmental tolerances.

He has now left Otago to join Anna Santure and her team at the University of Auckland.

All the best to William!