Team leader


Research and Postdoctoral Research Fellows

novel eDNA pest monitoring methods
Rutherford PostDoc Fellow
Quantifying marine and freshwater biodiversity using eDNA
Mind controlling parasites project

Technical Staff

Research Technician
Manager, Genetic Analysis Service


PhD students

Natural eDNA samplers for marine diversity monitoring
Microbiome of the large microalgae Durvillaea antarctica
Molecular detection of key marine pest species
Evolution of Antartic terrestrial organisms using eDNA and spatial modelling
Genetic pest control technology with interacting species
Genetic Control of Insect Pests
Molecular basis of induced suicidal water-seekng behaviour of arthropod hosts by pathogenic worms
Population genetics of New Zealand Kanakana (lamprey) using GBS

Master students

Environment species abundance estimates using CRISP-Cas enrichment
Use of historical Antartic sea sponges for environmental DNA surveys
Gene selection in feral pig populations
Genetic diversity and population structure of wild Chinook Salmon

Honours students

BSc students

Distribution of mitochondrial genotypes in the NZ possum population