Team leader


Research and Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Genomic research into conservation management of Takahē and Kākāpo
Rutherford PostDoc Fellow
Mind controlling parasites project
Molecular basis of female to male sex reversal in sequentially hemaphroditic fish

Technical Staff

Research Technician
Manager, Genetic Analysis Service


PhD students

Genetic Control of Insect Pests
Molecular basis of induced suicidal water-seekng behaviour of arthropod hosts by pathogenic worms
Trans-generational plasticity as a mechanism for acclimation to ocean change in marine invertebrates
Identification and use of mtDNA alleles for the Trojan Female Technique
Population genetics of New Zealand Kanakana (lamprey) using GBS
Genome and transcriptome assembly of the Greenshell™ Mussel
Molecular basis behind sex change reversal in protogynous fish

Master students

Gene selection in feral pig populations
Candidate fertility genes for control of mammalian pests

PGdipSci students

Genetic diversity and population structure of wild Chinook Salmon

Visiting students