Jodi Thomas

JodiJodi was born and raised in Devonport, Auckland, and did her undergrad - a BSc double major in neuroscience and zoology here at Otago University. She has just finished and graduated from her Honours degree on the molecular mechanisms of sex change in protogynous (female to male) fish, in a collaboration between our very own Dr. Erica Todd, and Dr. Mark Lokman from the Zoology Department of the University of Otago.

After finishing her degrre, Jodi has now been given the opportunity to work for a period of a year as an ARF to support Neil's Marsden funded work on the molecular basis of sex reversal in fishes. This will involve undertaking molecular genetic work (qPCR, in situ hybridisation, next generation sequence analysis) to explore the molecular basis of female to male sex reversal in fish, including the bluehead wrasse, New Zealand spotty wrasse and the Japanese kyusen wrasse.


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