Joanne Gillum

Joanne graduated from the University of Abertay, Dundee (Scotland) with a BSc (Hons)6f062156d7ba73981edc090ec738c369 w280 h210 cp in Animal and Plant Cell Biotechnology. She worked in a commercial genotyping lab before moving into research at the University of Edinburgh where she used her molecular biology skills in the fields of developmental biology, DNA repair, and neuroscience.

Joining Professor Gemmell's group in April 2009, Joanne is now the manager of the Genetic Analysis Service at Otago University, responsible for overseeing the processing of samples for sequencing and genotyping using the ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer. 

Joanne also provides technical support to other members of the research group, and has been involved in a range of different projects in the Gemmell lab, such as the development of Real-Time PCR assays to detect marine bioinvasive species in the coastal waters of New Zealand, and the mtDNA mutations in male fertility project.
Contact Details:

Telephone: +64 (03) 479 5283

Fax: +64 (03) 479 7254

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