Dr. Upendra R. Bhattarai

UPEN5328 copyUpendra is originally from Nepal, where he completed his BSc. in agriculture from Tribhuvan University (2005-2009). He got his Master’s degree from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in Ås, Norway (2010-2012), completing his thesis research entitled “Effects of Neozygites floridana infection in Tetranychus urticae females on the sexual behavior of males” in the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research. While working on his thesis, Upendra was also employed part-time by Bioforsk as a research technician, and once he completed his degree he kept this role for a total of a year.

Upendra already has a PhD degree in Agricultural Entomology and Pest control from the Northwest A&F University in China (2014-2018). His research focus then was on the mechanism of altered behavioral responses (hyperactivity and tree-top disease) in lepidopteran larvae induced by their pathogenic baculoviruses.

This will be his second Ph.D., and as a student at the University of Otago he will be supervised by Professor Neil Gemmell and co-supervised by Professor Robert Poulin and Dr. Eddy Dowle. His research will focus on investigating the molecular basis of induced suicidal water-seeking behaviour of arthropod hosts by their pathogenic worms.



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