CawthronMBIEThe Gemmell Lab has been successful together with the Cawthron Institute on an Endeavour Round MBIE grant application! The project, entitled "A toolbox to underpin and enable tomorrow's marine biosecurity system" is expected to run for 5 years, and offers the development of new and environmentally-friendly tools to detect and prevent marine pests from establishing themselves in New Zealand harbours, alongside high-tech molecular tools that will allow detection of marine pests at low densities (i.e. before becoming established). It also includes the development of simulation models and software for managing resources in order to prevent impacts from marine pests and diseases. The project team places the Gemmell Lab amongst collaborators and partners from over 20 organisations, including stakeholders from government, Māori, industry and education providers.

The project was one of 71 successful applications receiving funding by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Endeavour Fund, which every year invests in excellent research that has the potential to positivelly impact New Zealand econnomically, environmentally, and socially.

For more details on the awarded project, visit the Cawthron's website.