NeilLochNessThis morning at 10a.m. (local time in the little village of Drumnadrochit, on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland), Neil annouced the long awaited results of this enticing research project to the press.

The Loch Ness monster has had an appeal to many since its first sighting some 1500 years ago, sparking many scientific surveying studies of the Loch.

Roughly 12 months ago, Neil and Dr. Gert-Jan Jeunen, together with a team of collaborators, embarked on a journey - quite literally - through the murky waters of the Loch to collect some 250 samples from various places at various depths in the lake. Water from each sample was then filtered, and DNA trapped in each filter extracted, PCR amplified and sequenced.The study has received massive public interest, having its own website and earning the release of a documentary on the Travel Channel on September 15th.

The results are now in. As so often happens, truth is stranger than fiction. To know more, check the Super Natural History website, and also Neil's interview this morning with Duncan Garner on the AM Show.

For more details about the project, check our dedicated lab webpage.