SaeedOur dear sequencing technician Saeed has left our lab group after he was offered a position at a local Veterinary diagnostics company. Saeed joined the Gemmell lab just over three years ago, in July 2016. Originally from Iran, Saeed has a background in Veterinary Medicine, and also did a MSc degree in Virology from Putra University in Malaysia. Saeed then moved to Dunedin where he started a PhD at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Otago. He was still working on his thesis reviewers’ changes when he joined us as a sequencing technician, so we got to witness and celebrate Saeed becoming Dr. Saeed (for a second time!).

We are sad to lose him, but wish him all the best at his new position.

Best of luck to Saeed at his new job!