Will Stovall was based in the Gemmell lab while doing his Msc thesis entitled " Population genetics of New Zealand fur seals (Arctocephalus fosteri): Genomic tools for research and management".

Out of this work comes Will's latest publication, in Molecular Ecology, where he and other members of the Gemmell lab present and discuss a novel approach for the discovery and statistical validation of sex-specific loci in GBS datasets. By genotyping a set of 166 New Zealand fur seal samples with known sex assigned, Will and his colleagues then focused on monomorphic loci, which usually get discarded from large SNP datasets, and developed a panel of three sex-specific PCR primers to ascertain sex independently of GBS data. These PCR primers also reliably amplified in two other pinniped species.The research pipeline described can be used to identify and statistically validate monomorphic and polymorphic sex-specific markers across a range of species and RRS datasets.

Well done to Will and all of the members of the Gemmell lab involved!

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