Sheri Johnson was based in the Gemmell lab while she conducted her cohort-based longitudinal study in zebrafish. The conclusions of this study have now been published in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, and provide an answer as to why so many females chose to mate with older males. Male fertility traditionally decreases with age, yet Sheri and her team found that the offspring of older males have better fitness and survival than the offspring of younger males,.
This research was funded by a Marsden FastStart grant. Sheri is now based in the Zoology Department of the University of Otago as a Senior Lecturer.

This publication also sparked some media attention, with Sheri and her team seeing their results published in the Otago Daily Times (ODT) newspaper.

Congratulations to Sheri and her team members!

To access the research article, click here; to know more about Sheri's research, visit her webpage.