The recipients of the 2017 Rutheford Foundation Trust awards have just been revealed, and Erica has received one of 5 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded to early-career researchers accross New Zealand! Erica was also one of two Otago based researchers to receive an award this year (more on the 2017 Otago awarded researchers here)

The Royal Society Te Apārangi Rutherford Foundation Trust receives financial support from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Freemasons New Zealand and the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust, and every year selects and awards fellowships and scholarships to outstanding researchers in New Zealand at varying stages of their careers. More about the 2017 Rutherford Foundation Trust recipients here.

Erica's research project, entitled "Epigenetic regulation of sex change", will investigate how natural sex change is controlled in two highly social species of wrasse - the NZ spottie and Caribbean bluehead wrasse. The Fellowship expands on Erica's work to date, and uses genome wide analysis of epigenetic DNA modifications to further explore the complex mechanisms underlying sex change in these fish. She will also examine how manipulating DNA modifications affects the sex change process. Her research will advance our understanding of vertebrate sexual development and plasticity, and may also provide insights into human disorders of sexual development. To read more on Erica's funded project, follow this link.

Well deserved, and well done, Dr. Todd!!!