Jodi's first publication went straight in to the Encyclopedia of Reproduction, and is a review about sex change in labrid fish! The role of gonadal aromatase and anti-müllerian hormone in bluehead wrasse is discussed, based on data from previous transcriptome-wide analysis across a range of different sex stages (female to male). These two genes are now being looked at in other wrasse species, namely in NZ spottie (Notolabrus celidotus) and Japanese kyusen wrasse (Parajulis poecilepterus).

Understanding how these genes impact the female or male phenotypes in labrid fisfh could reveal gene networks in the human model, and help explain numerous human disorders of sexual development.

Jodi's work is a collaboration with other members of the Gemmell lab - Erica Todd, Neil Gemmell, previous Gemmell lab members Ann Liu and Kim Rutherford, and together with collaborators Prof. John Godwin, Dr. Melissa Lamm, and Dr. Mark Lokman.

Congratulations, Jodi!!!




Photo by Kevin Bryant.