On the 11th November 2016, the Zoology Department (University of Otago) organised a Postgraduate Research Day held at the Orokonui Sanctuary, where students were able to showcase their research with an oral presentation, or a poster.

Gemmell Lab Honours student Jodi Thomas is co-supervised by Dr. Mark Lokman (Zoology Department), and won the first prize with her presentation "Investigating potential early regulators of teleost sex change: A candidate gene approach in the bluehead wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatum)"!

Gemmell Lab PhD student Gert-Jan Jeunen, co-supervised by Prof. Hamish Spencer (Zoology Department), was awarded the second best presentation prize with his talk "Local origin of the environmental DNA signal in marine ecosystems".

A great result for our students and the Gemmell lab, well done Jodi and Gert-Jan!





Jodi Thomas (right) with her Best Presentation award.

Zoology-based Master student Jolyn Chia (left) won Best Poster award.