Florence Gléonnec

Florence comes from the west coast of Brittany in France where she completed a Bioengineering degree in the Higher Education School at Quimper. Following this, she worked two years as a research technician at the INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) in Rennes, at the Liver, Metabolism and Cancer Unit.

She restarted her studies in 2013 by doing a Bachelor followed by a Masters degree in Molecular and Cellular Life Science at the University of Biology, in Rennes. During her first MSc year, Florence did a 3 months internship at the INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research) in Rennes, involved in the development of applying the CRISPR-Cas9 technique for directed mutagenesis in pea aphids.

She has joined the Gemmell lab in her second MSc year for a second internship of 5 months, during which she will work on the molecular mechanisms of sex change in the protogynous fish Kyusen wrasse. Florence will be supervised by Dr. Erica Todd and Dr. Mark Lokman (Zoology Department).