Dr. Erica Todd

Erica received her PhD from James Cook University (Australia) and has broad interests inErica ecology, evolution and reproductive biology.

Her work in the Gemmell Lab applies transcriptome sequencing and comparative genomic approaches to explore the molecular basis of female to male sex reversal in sequentially hermaphroditic fishes, including the common New Zealand Spotty wrasse.

Her past research and current collaborative projects span population genetics, phytogeography and mating system biology, and include investigating how climatic, landscape and disease processes shape biodiversity in freshwater turtles and frogs.

Contact Details:

Telephone: +64 (03) 470 4302

Fax: +64 (03) 479 7254

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Recent Publications:



Todd EV, Liu H, Muncaster S, Gemmell NJ (in review) Bending genders: the biology of natural sex change in fish. Sexual Development. **Invited review for a themed issue on ‘Sex Reversal in Vertebrates’.

Liu H, Todd EV, Lokman MP, Lamm MS, Godwin JR, Gemmell NJ (in review) Sexual plasticity: a fishy tale. Molecular Reproduction and Development. **Invited review for a themed issue on ‘Hermaphrodism and Sexual Determination’.

Todd EV, Black MA, Gemmell NJ (2016). The power and promise of RNA-seq in ecology and evolution. Molecular Ecology 5:1224-1241.

Todd EV, Blair D, Jerry DR (2014). Influence of drainage divides versus arid corridors on genetic structure and demography of a widespread freshwater turtle, Emydura macquarii krefftii, from Australia. Ecology and Evolution 4, 606-622.

Todd EV, Blair D, Georges A, Lukoschek V, Jerry DR (2014). A biogeographical history and timeline for the evolution of Australian snapping turtles (Elseya: Chelidae) in Australia and New Guinea. Journal of Biogeography 41, 905-918.

Todd EV, Blair D, Limpus CJ, Limpus DJ, Jerry DR (2013). High incidence of multiple paternity in an Australian snapping turtle (Elseya albagula). Australian Journal of Zoology 60, 412-418.

Todd EV, Blair D, Farley S, Farrington L, FitzSimmons NN, Georges A, Limpus CJ, Jerry DR (2013). Contemporary genetic structure reflects historical drainage isolation in an Australian snapping turtle, Elseya albagula. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 169, 200-214.

Dao HT, Todd EV, Jerry DR (2012). Characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci for the spiny lobster Panulirus spp. and their utility to be applied to other Panulirus lobsters. Conservation Genetics Resources 5, 43-46.

Todd E, Blair D, Hamann M, Jerry D (2011). Twenty-nine microsatellite markers for two Australian freshwater turtles, Elseya albagula and Emydura macquarii krefftii: development from 454-sequence data and utility in related taxa. Conservation Genetics Resources 3, 449-456.